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q.address is an approved, universal and powerful high performance product family. It allows to establish and to maintain highest address quality in files, databases, CRM-, marketing and ERP-systems. It covers a multitude of functions and solutions; accordingly the product spectrum is very wide. [ Video ]

The menus “Products” and “Functions” given below are matched:

The menu “Products” introduces the individual products. Thereby, a reference is made to the descriptions of the menu “Functions”.

The menu “Functions” describes the solutions and functions for the full product family.

Finally, the menu “Services” presents all data services.

Menu “Products” (Options)

q.address Product overview

q.address Stand-alone

q.address Integrations

q.address Quality Server

q.address Web-Services

Menu “Functions” (Options)

Data quality

Checking salutatory address and address

De-duplication and address match

Error-tolerant address search

Data enrichment

Reference data

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