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q.address has its roots in the German postal code conversion, when the system was changed from a four to a five digit system. The program Take Five - the first ancestor of q.address - was with more than 2,000 installations the strongest selling application to deal with this postal code conversion.

The program has been improved and rewritten in all components (many of them repeatedly) since then. The continuous performance growth, as well as new software technologies, facilitates the implementation of new and evermore powerful algorithms in short cycles and constantly increasing ease of use.

Today exists a 32 or a 64 bit application system for Windows-, Linux- and Unix-Platforms providing an extensive service spectrum. Likewise the number of program variants is constantly expanded: Today, besides a Stand-alone-Version operating in batch mode, q.address Quality Server establishes the basis for numerous other product variants: Integrations for the business-applications Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV (Navision) and for the SAP-application systems SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP IS, numerous further integrations in partner applications, and a multitude of APIs and Web-Services for integrating the q.address-functionality in individual applications.

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